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Mobility Unlimited Technology Worldwide (MUTW) performs research and data collection to adapt spaces for safe use for wheelchair users, deaf and blind citizens. MUTW conducts research and data collection for adaptable spaces to diverse populations with mobility needs. here.

Accessibility Conditions and Wheeldestrian™ Value Adds

Lack Of Aid

More than 39% of collisions involving wheelchairs happened in intersections with no traffic control devices.

Our Solution

Our device embeds in current standard traffic signaling systems and can be added to intersections where no traffic control exists.


Wheeldestrian™ can connect with other supportive movement aid devices.

A Large Crowd

The daily-travel of more than 55 million Americans who live with disabilities would be improved.

"Wheeldestrian™ will help save lives. There are over 3 million wheelchair users in the U.S and 55 million Americans who live with varying disabilities. As such, communities must focus on inclusion and technology. The term pedestrian means to travel by foot, so we adopted Wheeldestrian™ to be more inclusive because our society's mindset, especially the traffic industry, has to change."

Helen Dowdell
Founder of Wheeldestrian™

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Psalm 118:22

“The stone the builders rejected has become the cornerstone; ” King James Version (KJV).

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